Morro Strand Beach Hike to Morro Rock

    Our first morning on the Central Coast beach vacation was just phenomenal.
     K woke up early at six and wanted to take a walk on the beach and take some early morning photos as the fog drifted back out to sea. I was awake and ready to strap on my hiking boots and enjoy waking up next to the ocean.
      We decided to take a quick little stroll to Morro Rock down the beach before our friends woke up and making breakfast.
    Vacation! It must be refreshing because I honestly cant remember the last time I did a six mile hike before breakfast and coffee for that matter!
     We did not realize Morro Rock would be a six mile hike round trip. The big ass rock looks closer to you as you wander towards it along the ocean. I’d suggest doing this hike at sunrise or sunset; the views are just so gorgeous!
     This area is truly awesome for camping but the down side to camping at Morro Strand is it is a bit out of the way, about a twenty mile drive up PCH from San Luis Obispo but it is gorgeous and a little closer to the Paso Robles area if you plan on doing wine tasting. (Something we planned to do on this trip but just never had time to work it into our busy schedule of fun.)

     Our campsite was about five hundred feet from the beach at Morro Strand State Park and I would recommend this camp site to anyone. It was not crowded at all, even on a holiday weekend and almost sitting on the beach!
     The only down sides to this camp ground is this area does get windy.
      If you camp here, bring ear plugs!

     We lucked out and the first evening we camped it was not cold at all and as we sat around the camp fire drinking we did not even need jackets!
    Hard to believe this is February!
    The wind does get loud at this camp site at night though and if you are tent camping I would recommend bringing ear plugs.
   When the wind calms down though it is so awesome to listen to the waves on the beach lulling you to sleep.

Details for the Hike to Morro Rock from Morro Strand Beach

What you will need for this hike:
Sunscreen, snacks, 1 liter of water depending on how many miles you want to do, wide brimmed hat

How much altitude you will encounter: none

How long is this hike: six miles

How do I get there? Take the 101 North from Los Angeles to the junction with the PCT Highway 1, it will take you through San Luis Obispo before turning into a real highway again. Morro Strand State Beach is just off the 1 and well signed, about twenty miles out of San Luis Obispo. 

Local Lowdown:   There is a great bbq place in Morro Bay
If you have time to road trip it five minutes to the cute town of Cayucos try the smoked meat place and the salmon tacos.
The cookie store gives out free samples of their amazing brown sugar and sea salt cookies too. Try the honey sea salt cookies; so good!