Ode to a Shitty Snowshoe

As Big Bear Lake’s hottest hiking guide (Because I’m so sweaty all the time) snowshoes are my business. Sure I would love to purchase two hundred dollar MSR snowshoes for my clients to rent but it’s just not cost-efficient for me as an outfitter.

So this week I found a deal and accidentally purchased shitty snowshoes. Of course, I had no idea that these Youth 2.0 snowshoes were basically the Ford Fiesta of snowshoes.  I have to say thrift stores and cheap eBay snowshoes are my kryptonite. I adore my secondhand fashions and thrift store treasures but here is the thing with recycled shopping. Sometimes you accidentally buy crap!

I usually try to keep my snowshoesnowshoes tours PG but I just have to say it. Fuck you snowshoes. 

I’m quite sure these Youth 2.0 snowshoes were marked toward adolescents because kids don’t know as many cusswords as I do. Literally, ten minutes of snowshoeing in these neon green babies had the right one come off completely. No biggie I tried to re-adjust the bindings but these shit bindings have a giant design flaw; When they get to be frozen, you know in like three feet of cold snow, it’s almost impossible to adjust the bindings! The assholes at Youth 2.0 have obviously never actually trounced through three feet of snow in their

creations or they would be embarrassed to sell these to children. (Or that frugal hiking guide who found these on sale at her favorite new and used sporting goods store.)


The most important thing with purchasing snowshoes is purchasing snowshoes with great bindings. Did I buy secondhand snowshoes with exceptional bindings? Nope. I saw a deal, a magical thrift store treasure and I lost my mind and handed over my Am Ex. I made the number one mistake of every thrift store trekker. I didn’t pay attention to the details. As in these bindings were practically shoelaces.

Leave no Trace (Even when your snowshoes are crap)

I was so annoyed half a mile into this snowy trek that I was ready to just throw these shitty snowshoes into the glorious forest. Except I am so against littering. I would never do that.

Don’t be like the Hungry Mountaineer. If you are out searching for thrift store treasures, make sure that romper does not have a stain on it. Make sure the zipper works on that Columbia sweatshirt. The recycled fashion lifestyle is awesome and I love sustainably shopping but it’s not for those who don’t pay attention to the details.