“I’ll have a cup of Triple Sec on the rocks, please”

All I wanted was a margarita.

Our plane was departing in an hour, we had just had a terrific lunch at Hero Sushi in the domestic terminal. ( If you visit the Cairns airport any time soon this Ala Cart sushi place is super reasonably priced and the tuna roll is fantastic!) We had a few hours before our flight was taking off to deliver us to the Sydney Airport and Bondi Beach eventually so a drink was sounding mighty good.

We sat down at a table at the Blue Sky Brewery and ordered up a few margaritas.
They were delivered before us salt on the rim, on the rocks and they looked great!

Until we took a sip.

These delicious looking “margaritas” we were pretty sure were just triple sec! If you ever travel to Cairns I would explain what a margarita is before ordering it, or be stuck with the worst margarita ever!

Right before this little incident we had gone through airport security and my boyfriend gave me a weird look.

To be fair, many guys I have dated have given me this look over the years.

He was looking at me weird because I took my boots off.
Okay, last time I flew was years ago and you still had to take off your boots to go through security. Apparently this is no longer the case but I guess us Americans are a lot less clueless about it than other international travelers.

Airport security can take a long time, but it certainly gives you peace of mind that you and your fellow passengers are safe. Furthermore, passing through all the different body scanners and turnstiles are necessary parts of the airport security process. Ever wondered where to buy a security turnstile? Searching for physical access control measures such as turnstiles online should redirect to Daosafe. You can find a wide range of different turnstiles on their website.

Comedian Jim Jeffries does a hilarious skit about Australians and Americans at the airport security line. He is pretty much talking about me.