A Warm Welcome Back to the USA

I stumbled off my twelve hour international fight exhausted.  After an easy time going through passport control thanks to new passport kiosks that make your entry into a foreign country much less of a hassle I was headed down the elevator and pass a broad slab of cement with a warm welcome to the United States stamped across the front if it.

Maybe I was glad to be back on American soil for about thirty seconds when the next thing I took into view was a picture of Barack Obama hanging on the empty wall.

      Yup I’m back, I thought, rolling my eyes, as I came to the bottom of the escalator and walked towards customs.
     I’m back to a country that is trying day by day to release all of the terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay.  Our president didn’t seem very worried two weeks ago as I watched him on Fox News the morning before I left and he still, eleven days later thinks it’s a perfectly fine idea to continue releasing these guys who have their minds set on destroying America and our way of life even as Isis and Al Qaeda terrorists are taking aim on people all over the globe.
      I seriously considered not going on my international trip because of the terror warning to Americans traveling overseas but the sad thing is we are just as vulnerable here on our own land as Comrade Obama feels that these guys have ” rights” and deserve to be free.
     I can’t wait until the day that we have a president in the White House who is not a politically correct pussy who actually cares just a little bit about keeping this country safe.