I Think I Hate Stater Brothers?

     I think I hate Stater Brother’s.
    Ok I am one of those people who is way to obsessed with the grocery store, what my body consumes every day, how it’s grown and if the ingredients are genetically modified.
    I read labels of most things I buy and I try to steer clear of most GMO brands like Nestle, Hidden Valley, Kraft and anything else that is not natural food.
    I have been known to buy the odd bottle of Hidden Valley dressing here and there (okay I do like their chipotle ranch!) but if you looked in my cupboard right now I think every product you would find would come from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

    Last week on my day off I got a hankering for some crab stuffed jalapenos on my day off but did not have any jalapenos. I live in a rural mountain town and the closest grocery store that would have jalapeno peppers would be Stater Brother’s in Lake Arrowhead, a twenty minute drive away.  This was on my day off and we were trying to have a snow storm. A foot of snow was predicted and it had been attempting to snow off and on all A.M. Did I feel like driving treacherous mountain roads in a snow storm just to make some stuffed peppers?
    I was trying to make a decision, if I felt like driving forty minutes round trip just for some peppers and decided to call my eighty three year old grandma to see if she needed some groceries as well.
     My grandma told me she was down to one egg for her and grandpa to split and she was about to driver herself to Stater Brothers, in a potential snow storm!
    I convinced her, no grandma, I’ll come pick you up. I’ll take you to the store.
    That is how I found myself roaming the isles of Stater Brothers for an hour, looking at all their wares and feeling like every item I picked up was slimy with GMO’s and added preservatives.
    I started out in the produce department where I was thrilled to see organic lemons!
    That looked like they had been run over by a truck. These lemons were bruised and weirdly shaped and looked like they had been made in a lab.
   WTF? Organic produce is suppose to be high quality natural, not look like some one pulled it out of last weeks trash!
   I than helped my grandma try to find probiotic yogurt.
   I searched the entire yogurt case for her and Stater Brothers does not carry a single yogurt with probitics in it!
   I know for a fact Trader Joe’s carries about five different kinds!
   I wandered by the fish case and it smelled terrible like a trout had died a thousand smelly fish deaths there and I was thankful, oh so thankful I already had crab at home.
   I wandered the isles looking at the thirty different flavours of Triskits Stater Brother’s carried and thinking well BBQ or Sun Dried Tomato flavour does sound tasty but what the hell is in these crackers?! They are all so chock full of fillers, additives, preservatives and weird ingredients I can not even pronounce!
   I wandered the grocery store for an hour today while my grandmother shopped and I only spent about ten dollars.
   I bought wonton wrappers, frozen calamari, four jalapenos and two Heineken beers ( I know it looks like I’m about to have a wild night!) to get me through the snow storm.
   And than I escaped from Stater Brother’s with my grandma and some of my health conscience sanity in tow.


  1. GretchenDaviesMAEd

    Some things baffle me, liked canned or frozen foods with preservatives….um..canning and freezing preserves things! And…honey mustard dressing with 30 ingredients? Why? You use honey and then mustard. 2 tgings. Ok nustard itself has about 5 ingreduents but still…30? It bothers me.

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