How to Deal with Allergies Naturally

Call them allergies, hay fever or just a royal pain in the ass (And the nose!) but some peoples allergies seem to take over their lives in the spring time.

I love spending every waking hour outside as soon as spring times warmer days start to thaw us out from the chills of icy winter temps. Yea, life in a resort town where winter skiing is all every one here talks about from November until April. Now that April has dawned on our mountain town bright and sunny but still leaving us with frosts on our rooftops nearly every morning I’m dying to get outside and hit the trails.

But first I need a tissue.

It’s hard to truly embrace spring time when I can’t stop sneezing for a damn minute.

I think my allergy is to the gorgeous budding pink and purple plum trees that are just starting to flower all over our mountain town. I love seeing their pink and purple buds filling the clear blue skies all over our alpine village but I’m sick and tired of sneezing and blowing my nose. Here at almost seven thousand feet the plum trees are one of the first things to bloom each and every year and considering they are just now starting to bloom and nothing else is, I feel like they have to one the culprit for my allergies.

What a beautiful terrible plum tree

My boyfriend says just take a Claritin and shut your beautiful face (literally as I sneeze about once every ten minutes). I don’t trust all those made in a factory mass medications and I try as hard as I can not to take medications unless I absolutely am dying, have a limb about to fall off or am in serious pain (yes, all of these things have almost happened). Obviously with some allergies, like a latex allergy, it is difficult to find a natural remedy so instead it is important to learn about the possible causes of this allergy. However, for hay fever, there are things you can do.

There is almost always an organic solutionallergies

Hello organic local honey you sweet and delicious in my coffee solution! This pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by actual bees from the nectar of flowers is like natures medicine for your sinuses. The bee pollen in the honey helps you fight off allergies naturally, way better than Claritin! You could try a tablespoon of this delicious nectar just by itself or try adding some to your morning yogurt. I like a tablespoon in my chicory roasted coffee with organic milk. So good! It’s important to get honey that was farmed within one hundred miles where you live. (Farmers markets in your local area are the go to places for the best local honey and they usually give samples… Yea!

Essential Oils; They smell to good to be true!

I love the smell of lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. I mean when my nose is not to stuffed up to smell all the things. A super easy allergen fix is heating up a pot of boiling water, adding a few drops of each of these oils and using a towel draped over your face. Go ahead, breath in the natural goodness for a good five minutes.

I feel less congested just thinking about it!

Avoid foods that may trigor allergies

Yes the following foods are all the good things in life. Well unless you live a healthy lifestyle free of processed foods, artificial sweeteners and conventional dairy. As healthy as we live giving up my favorite food group; Cheese is very hard for me. Cutting out cocktails and caffeine is just no fun at all. But my sinuses hurt so goodbye happy hour.

Have I mentioned I am so fed up with sneezing every five minutes?


  • Alcohol
  • caffeine
  • conventional dairy
  • peanuts
  • sugar
  • artificial sweeteners
  • processed foods
  • shellfish
  • wheat
  • soy

Yes please!

  • raw local honey
  • spicy foods
  • probiotic rich foods
  • pineapple
  • apple cider vinegar
  • fresh organic vegetables
  • clean proteins

Lets face it springtime allergies suck, but there are luckily solutions that are healthy and natural and soon you will be out on the trails once again (Or at least I hope I will!) without a pound of tissues stuck in my sports bra and a stopped up nose. Here’s to beautiful, wonderful green spring and less seasonal allergies!

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  1. Cristina

    I have allergies too, the same reaction: sneezing 🙁 Wherever I go, I have Claritin with me. Sometimes my eyes start to cry too :)) I did not know about the benefits of honey for the allergies. Very interesting!

  2. Katy SkipTheBag

    Allergies are the worst! Thankfully I don’t have any too bad where I’ve lived, but when I went to California to look at schools I had them so bad I decided I couldn’t apply down there! Thank goodness I discovered it then and not after I was living there. Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop!

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