Carly and I had been hiking for eight hours.100_0767

I was sweaty and she was a stinky muddy mess. We were both exhausted and near delirious with happiness when we saw the dirt parking lot ahead and spied my dusty Subaru in the shade.
Than I heard the most God awful sound,
My first thought was
“Oh Shit, a bear? Is someone being murdered by a bear?!”
I was so tired after a sixteen mile hike I could not think properly and it wasn’t until I heard the beast from hell shriek again that I realized it must be a mule, one of the pack animals in the meadow corals near by.
That mule was pissed off and very vocal about it!
On this trip this summer Carly has completely gotten over her fear of mules and I’m happy to say she did not run two miles in the opposite direction on THIS trip when she heard the mule shriek like Godzilla.100_0677
Although she was exceptionally exhausted and obviously way to tired to care about a crossbreed angry horse.