Dear California

Dear California,

From the Pacific Ocean to the snowy slopes of Lake Tahoe you have really done it this time. No I’m not here today to complain about your crowded freeways and how much I hate the 405. I’m here today to bitch and moan and whine about all the idiots who voted yes on Prop 57.

Well done. Thanks so much for voting yes on Prop 57 yesterday. Everyone who was pure stupid enough to vote for this proposition deserves to have all these convicted felons living next to them for the rest of their lives!

Yes I mean the convicts who belong behind bars after being convicted of raping unconscious people or convicted of human trafficking and arson.  Do any of these morons remember March and a Stanford student named Brock Turner who sexually assaulted another past out student? The internet was full of all kinds of anger and rage in March and now nine months later millions of Californians just voted that this douchebag doesn’t deserve to serve his full jail time.

Not to mention I live in a huge timber dry national forest that arsonists keep trying to burn down! I wonder how many of these convicted  arsonists will be released because of this, stupid, ridiculous law! It’s okay California; we don’t need pretty things like trees and nature. Better give the criminals more rights!!!

What is wrong with this country and this state?

Maybe I just have a Donald Trump hangover (From twenty four seven Donald Trump T.V. I mean Fox News blaring in our house) and that’s why I’m so politically cranky today. I feel ready to have a California politics temper tantrum and for that reason I will be hiking fifteen miles tomorrows a.m. to sweat out my anger instead of sitting here blowing up social media with rants.