If You Are Not Outraged Than You Are Not Paying Attention

I’m extremely frustrated in the last week or so with how entitled young Americans are.

Instead of attending school they protest on freeways and burn flags.

Dear UCLA Students,

You are supposed to be the smartest college students in the country. Don’t play on the freeway! And it’s ironic to see them having a temper tantrum like the children or Bernie Sanders voting adults that they are as some day they will probably have real jobs and vote republican!

Its been exceptionally hard for me to get to this point in my life. I was a starving student once upon a time. I had a very small scholarship for college that I WORKED MY ASS OFF to obtain. Besides that I paid for school out of my own pocket. At one point I went to community college and worked three jobs; the earliest starting at five a.m.

One day my clutch went out on my car while I was stuck in miserable traffic trying to get to my job in a ski town.

So I walked.


For four miles to work.

This was before I trail ran, mountain biked or was athletic at all.

I spent ten years of my life working fifty hour weeks. And yet I still got up at dawn most days to run. Some days I would run twelve or fourteen miles in the early a.m. Before taking a wet wipe wash in the car and going straight to work. I know, may sound kind of gross but at least I was burning 1,500 calories in the morning and not just smoking pot all morning like my loser coworkers.

I would work 10 days in a row to get four days off in a row to go to Las Vegas, The Central Coast or Del Mar with friends.

I worked hard and I played harder.

I went through some shit to get to the point where I am today.

The sad part is I look at all the losers I used to work with who spend all day smoking weed, working nights and going around in circles living pay check to paycheck and I am so grateful that I have the ambition to do something more.

I know that I worked hard to get to this point but it makes me feel a little guilty when I’m playing tennis on a Wednesday morning and watching fifty year old gardeners taking care of the grounds of the hotel we are staying at.

I look at all these protesters on t.v. And I see people I know in my own life who are 33 years old and have never had a full time job ( This person may or may not be related to me) and I think why are you complaining? Must be nice to live the good life, not work and get so many hand outs.

I realize this week that I have become that person who rants and raves on The Facebook all day. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she said

“You know, the Amber you were when you were younger never cared what anyone else said. You were passionate about your politics and views” I feel like I’ve quieted down that little voice inside of me that is just furious about what is going on in our great country.

Lately I keep thinking of the quote

“If you are not outraged than you are not paying attention”