Day at the Lake

    On the third day of my vacation we had plans to do a five mile round trip hike to Parker Lake to fish at the lake hidden deep in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.
   It was going to be awesome!
   We were going to catch so many feisty native trout!
   Sure it would be a pain in the ass carrying fishing poles up mountain trails that far but it would be worth it!
   We were hiking about a quarter mile from the lake when I realized I forgot my fishing license.
   The fine for fishing without a license is severe,  ( I’m talking about a thousand dollar fine in California!) plus they confiscate your tackle and gear so I was not going to take a chance today, even being three miles from any sort of civilization.
   Instead we finished up the hike, found the little alpine lake and I sat by the lake all afternoon and enjoyed my beer.

   What a terrible way to spend a afternoon.
    I have to start eating healthy again after vacation.
    On this day for lunch I had a Salted Carmel Shake from Mono Cone and a Trout Slayer wheat beer.
    Why do I do this to myself?