Carly Dog, wrapped up in her blankie by the camp fire… Why am I nice to her after what she puts me through?

There’s a lot of things I just can’t do.
I can’t sew.
I can’t snap my fingers.
And I can’t whistle.
This last one would be a problem when you constantly hike with a little dog off leash and need to get her attention.
So being the cat lady that I am I have started to make cat noises at her. I started doing it truly by accident. I think one day I was at the tail end of a seventeen mile hike and it was eighty-two degrees and we felt like we would never reach the car.
And I might have said
“Here kitty, kitty”
And she might have responded by catching up to me.
And the cat/dog was born.
Years ago I had a co-worker who was such a dumb dumb he honestly did not understand that a cat and a dog could not mate and their chromosomes would not make a cog.
I made fun of this guy endlessly ( for this and many, many other reasons, one being he was a douche)
But it seems I made a cog.
I am slowly turning our dog into a cat.
It started with little things.
She became a finicky eater. We have been camping and hiking for the last five days in the Eastern Sierras and she absolutely refuses to eat her food. Even her bones; which are her treats.
Than my friend the other day while hiking commented that Carly Dog pees like a cat and even tries to bury it afterward.
Hmm… Quite odd, I thought.
Last night she got mad at me as I made her sleep on her dog bed and not cuddled with me, as we had to camp in the desert and it was brutally warm. There was no way she could cuddle with me with her oven like dog body. I should have googled “get dog bed for outdoors” before we left so I could have found something substantial for her to sleep in when we were camping… however, I don’t think she would have been happy with me either way.
She peed on her bed at two a.m.
That is such a cat, ass hole move. At least it wasn’t on an expensive orthopedic bed for dogs, otherwise, I would have been really gutted!
My boyfriend may be slightly annoyed when we return home tomorrow and I give him back his cog that used to be a dog.
On the bright side cats are better than dogs!


  1. me

    at least I’m not the only one who uses the word “cog”.
    I can whistle but can’t snap. Here I thought everyone could snap!
    I’ve accidentally used cat noises to get my kids’ attention… and yeah it did work!

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