Chili Relleno Omelet Ole

When we were in Vegas we visited some hoity toity restaurants where we paid way to much for breakfast just to have cold potatoes and burned food and then wait staff turn up their noses at us when we had the balls to complain.

The staff at Aria’s Aria Café seemed to be saying “Oh? You don’t like your burned food and cold crab cakes? The architecture in this restaurant is gorgeous and expensive, just eat your terrible food and be quiet!”  We even complained to the manager at the Aria Café, after being trapped hostage in this restaurant for an hour and a half (On a Wednesday! Not even a busy weekend!) And he just seemed to accept our complaints like he heard complaints about how terrible their food and service was every single day!

But I’m not hear to complain about our fifty dollar crap breakfast at a fancy Vegas hotel.

I’m here to say if you go to Las Vegas any time soon, please, please skip breakfast anywhere at the Aria.

Instead wander off The Strip and enjoy a phenomenal breakfast at Egg Works. They have four locations in Las Vegas located five to ten minutes of The Las Vegas Strip.

The $10.00  boyfriend ordered at Egg Works was one of the best he has ever had. Unlike Arias corned beef hash of the day before, they gave him more than a tablespoon of corned beef! And the potatoes were not raw! Or burned! Egg Works has some of the tastiest breakfast potatoes; sprinkled with their in house made chili rub, that I have ever had in my life! My boyfriend paid almost $20 for his corned beef hash at the Aria Café and he ended up having to order a side of toast on top of that since his meal was inedible it was so burnt!

Every meal comes with one of their fresh out of the oven Banana Nut Muffins (Which were incredible!)

I ordered a chili relleno omelet which came with their mole like warm salsa. This was the best breakfast I have had in the United States as far back as I can remember. I have not had a Mexican breakfast this good since we were in Mexico!image

So here is my interpretation of the Chili Relleno Omelet. I just can’t compare to their mole like salsa, but still, this is  a very good way to start your day!

Chili Relleno Omelet Ole

1 tablespoon butter

4 eggs

2 hatch or poblano chilies

1/4 cup grated jalapeno jack or jalapeno yogurt cheese

2 tablespoons Greek Yogurt

1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

1 avocado

1/4 cup sour cream

2 tablespoons hot pepper sauce (I like Trader Joe’s Chili Sauce)

your favorite salsa



In a broiler broil the chilies and set aside to cool. Peel off the skin as much as you can when the chilies are cool. When you can handle the chilies stuff them with the Jalapeno cheese.

Mix together the hot sauce and sour cream and set aside.

Whip the eggs and Greek yogurt.  Heat the butter in a skillet. Add the egg mixture and layer the chili on top. Put a lid over the top of the pan. Cook over a medium flame so the eggs cook slowly and the cheese in the chili melts. When the omelet is mostly set, flip the omelet. Let cook one more minute until completely set. Top with the sliced avocado, salsa, the chili sour cream and cilantro.