Campfire Breakfast Cooked in a baked Potato

This week’s theme is the best food for camping.Summer is a great time to spend camping and back packing in the wilderness. Camping and backpacking especially means keeping prep work and clean up to a bare minimum. This week, Here are some of my favorite recipes that are so easy to do over a campfire.

Easy Campfire Breakfast cooked in a Baked Potato   

3 potatoes
3 eggs
6 slices bacon
1/2 cup cheddar cheese

At home before the camping trip cook the potatoes in the oven at 375 for 45 minutes.If it’s summer time and hot, I just do this step in the microwave.
Once the potatoes are cool, scoop out the insides (Use this for what ever you want) and wrap the potatoes in foil.
You can either precook the bacon at home (Easiest)
Or bring the bacon with you camping and cook it there.
Which ever way you do it, once you are camping, ready for breakfast in the morning start a camp fire.
Take each potato shell, put some cheese in the bottom, crack an egg into the potato and top with the bacon, broken into pieces. Re wrap the potatoes in the foil and bake on the camp fire coals about fifteen minutes until the eggs are set.
This is great with Tabasco sauce!