California Dreaming, on Such a Winters Day

I feel so blessed on days like today.
I live an hour from the beach in Southern California in a mountain town.
Today I woke up a few miles from the beach and did a four-mile run on the soft sand with my best friend.
I am so lucky to live in California. It feels like just yesterday that we moved here. I can still remember checking out some of the amazing properties on the website for the top-rated real estate agent in Manhattan Beach when we were debating whether or not moving to California was right for us. There are so many fantastic properties here and the real estate market is absolutely booming so it can often seem overwhelming if you are new to the area! Our realtor was a total sweetheart too. However, I do not regret moving to California one bit. We have built a life for ourselves here and I am so happy with our home that I could not imagine living anywhere else. Who would not want to live so close to the sea?

Anyway, this was the first time I have ever in my life run on the beach and I had such a great time!
What is incredible is it is a seventy degree January day and we are running in tank tops and shorts on the beach!

God bless California!