Big Falls Hike in Forest Falls

      If we ever have another eighty degree day in February than this is a awesome winter hike.

      If you feel like soaking your feet in a bone chillingly cold snow run off in a creek.
      It is really pretty in any season up here in Forest Falls.
      It’s just highly disappointing that we are doing this hike in water shoes and not snow shoes.

      Big Falls is one of the most popular trail hikes around here, it’s so super easy to get to and yes this means you will see some ghetto people here, like a lot of them.
       Expect crowds, expect litter, but also expect to see a awesome glorious water fall if you brave the steep hike up the hill to the Big Falls.
     Be careful doing this hike what ever season you do it in; last week my friend J slipt on the upper falls and fell fifteen feet down the slippery falls! Amazingly she is okay!

Details for the Big Falls Hike

What you will need for this hike:
Sunscreen, snacks, 1 liter of water
First aid kit, wide brimmed hat, water shoes

How much altitude you will encounter:
A few hundred feet

How long is this hike: 1/2 a mile. I see people hike this with small kids all the time but it gets harder as the trail gets steeper

How do I get there? from Redlands, take Highway 38 about ten miles up the mountain, you will see a well signed turn off for Forest Falls at Valley of the Falls Drive. Take this road to the very end, about two miles and park in the Big Falls parking area. Make sure you have a adventure pass, they do check here and ticket people.
There are signs pointing down stream to the Big Falls trail head to the left. Take the trail to where it meets the creek and go up the little path.
The path ends after a few hundred feet and you have to kind of make your own path up the falls. The left side is the easiest way to go.

Local Lowdown:
Stop for lunch afterwards at Casa Maya in Mentone,
Helgas Sugar Shack or good old A & W  Hamburgers on Mentone Blvd.
There is also a fruit stand on the North side of the road on Mentone Blvd that has amazing candy, produce and dried fruit.