Adventures at Mercado Meow Meow

Last night I ran across a busy Mexican highway Bangalore India style, dodging cars, trucks, perhaps a donkey or two. Just like when we skirted rickshaws and disabled cows on the busy city streets of Kammanahalli, Bangalore two Christmas’s ago, I made my way across Highway 1D with one goal; Buy ice and snuggle some kittens. If there is one thing that can send me scrambling across four lanes of traffic, dragging my hurt my leg behind me, it’s definitely fluffy purring felines.

The best part of the first day of our Baja Sur beach vacation was giving snuggle wuggles to Tampico and Taki the sweetest little felines to be found in all of Baja Sur, or at least on our first day in Baja California. We ran across the busy highway halfway through happy hour when we realized we did not have enough ice to make it through happy hour; A big vacation faux paux. As soon as we walked into the neighborhood Mercado in between the freshly baked tortillas, the glass-cased filled with Mexican crema and rows of salty Mexica snacks out came asesino de ratas (Feline killer of rats) from between rows of corn chips to greet us in the empty shop. Our feline friends at the neighborhood mercado were more than pleased to help us do our shopping and we may have been distracted from buying ice by two extremely cute, snuggly purring meow meows.