A much needed vacation?

Maybe its kind of a weird obsession but I really enjoy researching Las Vegas hotels online. Well if I can’t go to Vegas this week because I have to work ALL five days (Have I complained enough recently about how I’m tired of working a 40 hour week?) at least I can stalk Vegas through the magic of the Internet. Plus, when I use sites like Swankybingo.com, or even casino sites, it feels like I’m really there anyway. The thrill of betting money and the anticipation of having numbers called is amazing, there’s no feeling like it! Casinos are becoming so modern and high-tech now that some even take bitcoin, and you can find out more about those here: https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-casino-vergleich/. In fact, casinos are now all about the fun rather than the profit. Winning or losing, doesn’t matter at all. But what really matters is the gaming experience. Perhaps I will experience it in real life one day, but for now, Online Casino games on sites like 999BET-TH could probably keep me going.
We might (tentatively) go to Vegas, either the last week of May or early June, and I know friends have recently said to me
“Didn’t you JUST come back from Colorado?”
Yes,I realize that was only a month ago. I’m just ready for another trip, to get away and do something fun. Okay I really just want to lay out by the pool, drinking margaritas, with Tina Fey’s new book.(If only there was not a queue of 85 people in front of me on the library website)
So I literally spent most of foggy and cold yesterday snuggled on the couch with my cat who was ON TOP OF THE LAPTOP, trying to make a decision between Aria’s gorgeous modern rooms (With free upgrade and fifty dollar dining credit) Vdara’s non casino vibe, West Wing’s tiny 350 square foot rooms (At incredibly low prices) Or a suite at the Signature MGM. Should I pay an extra sixty dollars for a nicer room or spend ALL of that cash on a lobster dinner? So torn, decisions are hard. On the one hand, a nice room is awesome. West Wing is supposed to be very nice, but the rooms are shoebox size; they are also hella cheap. Like cheaper then staying at the ghetto run down Excalibur. On the other hand, I love me some lobster.
Well the sun has emerged from the foggy sky, the first robins of spring have come back to my yard. The cat has removed himself from said laptop to salivate over bird. I guess that means its time for me to go work out before I head down the hill to physical therapy and then work. Another long day, guess I shouldn’t have wasted my entire day off watching TVG and stalking Vegas hotels.