A Brutal Trudge Up Hill

     Lone Pine Lake is ruggedly beautiful.
     We started the hike at two p.m. In the heat of the day and as you sludge along uphill the trail is all in the sun. This was going to be a brutal practice for tomorrow’s ascent of Mt Whitney. Luckily I had come prepared with some new hiking gear which I bought from a website like Botanex. If you’re going on a hike, I seriously recommend getting some new hiking gear. In my opinion, you can never be too prepared for the challenges that the hike might bring. For example, I’m SO glad that I brought my cap on this hike, the heat was so strong and it stopped my head from getting burnt!! I’m also super thankful that I brought a water bottle too.
Over two thousand foot altitude gain was what we were fighting and the temperature was over 78.
     That is hot to me.

     I was the only girl in our group and trying really hard not to be a wuss as I pulled my sweaty exhausted body up the mountain, the same steep trail we would do the next day.
     We did over six miles of the Mt Whitney trail today, a practice run up some extremely steep switch backs.
     That is about a third of the hike we will do tomorrow.
The hike almost killed me today as I pulled my body up the trail past wild lavender columbines and bushes of prim rose.
     I tried to dunk myself into and under every water fall I could find.
     The hike was hard today, really hard, but today this section will be a lot easier because we will be doing it in the dark about a hour before Dawn and it will be nice and cool as we go through these switch backs.

     Our goal today was just to make it to Lone Pine Lake, which was three miles up the trail from our camp.
     We came armed with fishing poles and were ready to catch some beautiful trout.
     When we boulder hopped around the lake we could see good size fish every where. They were even jumping right in front of us, yet they just were not hungry!
     I’m pretty sure I slapped one of these fish in the face with my bait and yet they are still not biting!
     It was some what frustrating that the fishing was so weak but still, a gorgeous day to sit by a lake in the Eastern Sierras and relax!