9 Degrees, Ow

I’m so desperate for Vitamin D and just a bite of summers sunshine that I’m sitting on my porch, feet covered in Uggs, in the snow, on a pillow to protect my ass from the wet porch swing.
I’m trying to convince the cats its nice out here and that they do like the snow, but it is not going over well.
They do not believe me and are pretty sure I am hallucinating a warm summer day.
I just ran almost three miles in hard packed snow up a mountain so I have every right to fantasize about long sweaty summer days.
As my feet flew through the sludge and my running shoes became more and more soaked I thought in one month, this mountain could possibly be Spring like.
In one month, my half marathon will be long in the past and I can go back to just running whenever I feel like it. I won’t feel motivated to run five to nine miles seven days a week.
It will be nice.
Last night I spent the evening with friends in Angeles Oaks. We drank wine in a hot tub, but it’s just really hard to compete with a twenty four degree night. I’ve wanted a hot tub in my garden for a long time and this experience just made me want one even more. It was so relaxing sitting outside, drinking wine, and enjoying the view. My friend bought a denver hot tub since she lives in that area and she loves it. It’s something that’s definitely on my wishlist!
I had every intention to get up at six to run at Seven Oaks Santa Ana River Trail this morning. I didn’t need any more of that sickly sweet wine impending my progress.
Yeah for a early night as I got up early this morning to run. As I drove the winding road above Angeles Oaks that took me deeper into the San Bernardino National Forest I have to say I felt extremely creeped out.
A week ago Chris Dorner walked out of these snow covered pines and car jacked a mountain resident than went on a shooting spree that left a local sheriff dead and another wounded. It is so eary to think that all happened right here, so very close to my home town. I honestly half expect Dorner to walk out of the snowy forest at any moment dressed head to toe and camo and with a gun.
Luckily that did not happen as I turned down Glass Road on my way to Seven Oaks. I never saw the cabin that Dorner burned alive in last week as I made my way to the Santa Ana River Road but I know it is some where down here in the extremely quiet Seven Oaks area. Still so very chilling that this happened in this very area.
I was motivated to go run, until I strapped on my running shoes and my trax to deal with the foot of hard packed down ice on the dirt road. I took off my jacket, put on my gloves, stepped out of my nice warm car and discovered, wow, it was cold outside.
I checked the tempature on my phone, nine degrees. It was so cold my bare fingers would barely work the screen on my Smart Phone.
I did try to run down the dirt and snow covered road, but my face hurt.
I was kicking myself for not grabbing my buff out of the back of my SUV. It would have been so handy on this freezing cold morning.
I ended up only doing a little less than a mile on that nine degree morning. I tried it was just so cold.
Is it Spring yet?


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Its suposed to be warm this weekend 🙂 i need the snow to melt s oI can trim dead stuff in the garden, plant grass, make a human yard and a separate dog yard. So I feel ya.
    Oh and I broke dow nand bought gone girl! Now my usual story line but well written.

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