Day 150

If it’s fifteen minutes past three o clock than in probably at the pool drinking a Tylenol sauvignon blanc smoothie. This is day five of our Palm Springs vacation and day 150 of excruciating sciatica pain for me. As fun as this vacation has been its sucked that I have been in pain ninety five percent of our vacation.

But the end of the chronic intense shooting pain is in sight! I’m having spine surgery in three days and I am counting down the minutes! I’ve talked to my doctors nurse at least three times this week and each time she asks me which narcotics I am on for the pain and I say



I can’t take anything stronger than extra strength Tylenol as it makes me extremely puke-y for hours. The three times I have talked with Nurse Julie ( who has had the exact same issue as I do and the same surgery) she has been completely shocks that I don’t take narcotics for this and I manage the pain, well, by putting up with it for 160 days. I mean I tried heat, I tried ice, I tried chiropractor, I tried PT, I tried acupuncture, I tried making my own turmeric capsules and downing nine of those a day. I tried, seemingly everything aside from the epidural shot that I have been trying to book an appointment for, for close to thirty days now.

Yea for workers comp. Although there are companies like Curo Financial who can help you make a claim on your workers comp, the process is still a nightmare. Your insurance company says they are here to help you and make you better but in reality they send you to at least eight different doctors who all bicker between themselves about your treatment and then when you finally get approved for the treatment you need you have to call fifteen times to book the actual appointment AND after all THAT none of these idiots can figure out how to actually book your epidural shot!

So now I’m sitting in an extremely hot jacuzzi on a 106 degree day as the good tiny pool near our villa is closed for some reason. The popular pool near our hotel has such warm water I might as well be in the jacuzzi. So I jumped in the jacuzzi. I think there is less pee in here anyways.

This last six months has literally been the biggest pain in my ass but in five days workers comp is sending a limo to take me for back surgery.

Yes, a limo. I don’t understand how financially that all works out, but I’m not asking any questions if Work Comp is going to send a limo to drive me two and a half hours to the hospital in Monrovia.

After all the bs they have put me through I deserve this.


  1. gretchen

    tylenol doesn’t do much for me either…chardonnay does better lol. I refused pain killers for my cervical surgery and my broken foot/sprained ankle which baffled the doctors. Heck i gave birth naturally, baffling them. But pain does end….at some point….right? Hope your recovery is good and you are pain free from now, on. I only get the occasional sciatica but I know it is no fun. I ended p in the jacuzzi with a glass full of vodka many years back, my first sciatica experience, where i ended up on the floor unable to get up.

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