You Know You live in the 909 When…

   I was perusing Craigslist this morning when I came across something special.
   Only in the 909 do people keep Bambi as a pet.
   I came across this ad

I have a pure breed Saanen doe that I want to breed in August, so I’m looking for a purebreed buck to have her bred to. I would really appreciate if you could do it for no cost, but I do have money, rabbits, rabbit pelts, etc to trade for the service. If you have a pure breed Saanen buck and are willing to stud him to my doe, please email me. Thank you
     Besides the fact that obviously this guy keeps Bambi as a pet, he wants to find another deer lover who has a buck as a pet to make little Bambie’s. Who would keep a buck as a pet?! Suddenly I feel like I live in May Berry.
   Also, please notice, he would prefer to barter with rabbits and their pelts instead of cash.
   Okay, I’m done. 


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Wait that seemed confusing so in siple less creative terms, read thatbook, and it would not surprise me if my dad knew thedeer guy .but still wtf….is he illegally keeping a deer in his yard?

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