What the hell’s wrong with my face?

     Driving the Highway 18 everyday is giving me a ridiculous frown line on my forehead. Some days it takes me two hours to get to work. As much fun as it is driving fifteen miles an hour behind someone who is terrified of the fog, I would really like to go a little faster, Like 55, you know the speed limit?
     I might be almost 31 years old but I am in way better shape then most of the twenty something girls I work with. That I attribute to the fact I don’t smoke, don’t eat fast food and I work out 5 to 6 days a week; weight lifting, jogging, hiking and kick boxing. Plus a whole lotta P90X  (Or P90OW, as I prefer to call it) Yet even with the working out and a healthy whole grain, protein rich diet I find myself with one big problem. I have this huge f’ing frown line on my forehead! I swear its new in the last four months since my commute doubled in time and this fiery right wing road rage-y mountain girl started driving very slowly double the amount every day. Plus it might have something to do with the fact I have to drive through the ghetto of San Bernardino daily, dodging prostitutes and gangsta’s on my morning commute.
     There is only one solution. No, I’m not going to smile at the a$$ holes in my way;  I think I need Botox. Unfortunately it only lasts up to eight months. I can see why Lindsey Lohan would be addicted to it, when you have to refill your forehead twice a year. For some reason I thought that Botox was a bovine product, but I just Wikipediaed it, and no. No cows were harmed in the making of this Botox, Paris. I guess thats good, who wants to shoot cow urine into their forehead?
       Well, at least I would look a little less angry through the rest of the summer, right?  It might be worth it not to be able to raise one eye brow. As long as I can still roll my eyes, because THAT is something I need to be able to do every day, especially when Mike asks me
     “Ummm yeah, is that pie made with organic Fuji Apples?”


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    I got asked by my niece last weekend, what is wrong with your forehead? from a life of blindly squinting I have forehead lines. sigh. but like you I think I a healthier than most my age although I don’t really exercise. but I look at even skinny people are well not looking healthy.

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