That One time I insulted a Guy’s Ewok

Our vacation began with me almost getting in a fight over an ewok in the lobby. I seriously did not mean to insult Chewbacca’s service dog when we were trying, in a very long process, to check into the Best Western Hotel in Los Alamitos. Seriously; I have been to Vegas more times than I can count on both hands and the check in process in Las Vegas is known to take forever. Vegas has nothing on the Best Western, Los Alamitos. The problem is that my boyfriend paid for our hotel with his American Express points and some how there was a huge snafu with our reservation and it seemed like we didn’t really have a reservation and when it was eventually found it had some ones elses credit card info provided. By this point some random dude was standing behind us holding a little service dog. My boyfriend commented on how cute the dog was “I thought it was a stuffed animal” he told Chewbacca.

“I wouldn’t be holding a stuffed animal” Chewbecca said, glaring at my boyfriend. I than turned around, and keep in mind the sun was setting behind the guy, I couldn’t see very well. The dog was super cute, but kind of… different looking (And I couldn’t see very well with the sun in my eyes)

“He’s cute, but kind of different looking… What breed of dog is that?” I asked the guy, just being friendly.
“He has alopecia” The guy said, now glaring at me and not Adrian.

“Oh. It looks like an ewok” I told him. (I swear I did not mean this in a mean way; the dog looked cute! Like an ewok!) Now the guy was super pissed, at me!

“Well that’s just rude” He said, glaring at me specifically now. I seriously meant it in a cute way and by the end of the conversation the guy was ready to kick my ass over insulting his dog and was pissed at Adrian for thinking he carries around stuffed animals!

Adrian was still trying to check into the hotel and this guy was burning darts into our back with his angry Chewbacca eyes and then I made the mistake of thinking to myself
Maybe it would be good luck if Adrian rubbed his ewok for good luck before we went to the race track? At this point, I was literally crying I was trying not to laugh so hard. (We had sat in traffic for three hours on the 91 Freeway slowly chugging our way from our mountain home down through the pines and through the packed Southern California freeways… I think I was high on exhaust and smog at this point!)

When the girl checking us in finally, finally got us our room (I asked her if it had a balcony and she said she did not know, and than two minutes later as we were finally walking towards the room she assured us it was the best suite in the hotel. How do you know it’s the best suite but you don’t know if it has a balcony? And wouldn’t the best suite have a balcony? Anyways.)I was chugging water none stop to make up for the fact that I was laughing hysterically and crying I was laughing so hard.

I honestly felt really, really bad about insulting Chewbacca’s dog. When we got back to the hotel my boyfriend told me that he was pretty sure the guy was a little bit retarded and had taken my comment way to far and it really wasnt terribly rude like he was acting.

So I did feel bad.

Than when we went out to dinner we obviously ran into Chewbacca with his ewok in the lobby and I heard him say something totally racist to the girl working in the lobby. Which made me feel not so bad about insulting his cute dog. I honestly think he made the comment he made “Something about terroists” in front of me because he might have been trying to make a jab at my boyfriend, who has dark skin, to get back at us for laughing at his little dog.

After the traffic delay and the other delay checking into the hotel, we finally made it to dinner with our friends who live in the area. As we sat down to munch on some calamari and pesto sauce they asked us

“How’s your night in the OC?” and I had to say,

“Well I almost got in a fight with a retarded man for insulting his Ewok” This kind of stuff just flies out of my mouth so naturally. The rest of the trip was a blast; I found an amazing French bakery (That actually is a chain and all over Southern California, check out ParisBakery next time you find yourself in Irvine or Fullerton) and we had an amazing time betting on quarter horses at Los Alamitos (Yes, they actually run this fast!) And my boyfriend hit his first ever Pick 4!

Vacation in the OC was a success!


  1. GiGi Eats

    BAH HA HA HA HA AH AHA BEST STORY EVER! Makes me want to hang out with you because um, I am just imagining the awesome that would ensue! LOL! Or maybe ridiculousness? WHATEVER – still a good time regardless!

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