Steers and Snow; Mammoth to Tahoe

    I swear I have driven up the 395 once before, yet some how, this drive from Mammoth to Lake Tahoe looks not recognizable in the least bit.
   We left Mammoth during a snow storm.

It snowed most of the way in between Mammoth and Tahoe, making for incredible views, especially along this river north of Bridgeport.

   I love the snow, and I was not driving so it was good times all the way, for the three hour or so drive while I munched on tater tots with mustard from Carl’s Jr. Damn I am not a fan of the fast food but I just love to dip random things in mustard.
    When I was not being obsessed with mustard, I was enjoying the views of farmland and cows and the random river rushing by outside the thin doors of the jeep.

     It is so hard to believe that this is the Southern California that I am so used to.

We literally did not see a Starbucks for hours on this drive of the back roads and through the small towns of California.

                                              Views of Mono Lake from the road

       It was a awesome drive through the back country, the most exciting views along the way were steers and snow. It was just gorgeous.

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