Schools Back in Session!

   It must be fall even though it’s only late August if Red Neck Mom is back at the corner bus stop screaming at the top of her lungs, smoking and cussing at her kids, right?
   That’s what I thought, and why I have ignored my sunny front porch swing every day this week until today. I know it is only late August but when I awoke at six this morning it was cold in my cabin with all the windows wide open still. My first thought was, yea, it’s actually a little chilly, I should go for a run! Than I realized I would need some coffee to fuel my run and thought I would brave Red Neck Mom’s scream-a-thon and try to enjoy my porch and the late season sunshine to warm me up
     For those of you that are new to all things Getoffmyroads, Red Neck Mom is my hill billy neighbor who herds her broad of  children to the bus stop that sits practically right below my porch every morning. Then she spends the next thirty minutes yelling things like
    “Elijah I don’t give a shit! ” and
     “Rhianna! Get out of the fucking road!” at her children. Yeah, she’s a sweet heart. Today I heard one of the other bus stop mothers say to their child,
     “Hey buddy! The bus is here! Have a great day at school!” I may have cats and not kids so maybe I don’t know, but Isn’t that how you are ‘spose to talk to your children? Okay, I may not be be one to talk, I call Zion an asshole all the time, but number one he is, and number two he’s a cat, not a child and therefore he does not understand what I’m saying.
   I’ve spent many happy blogging moments making fun of Red Neck Mom and her hill billy goodness, but her boy friend/husband/ pimp what ever just beat her up at the bus stop in front of all the innocent kids and I feel really bad now. No one likes to see a woman get abused, even if they are a crack head who interrupts my peace and solitude all morning.
   Okay, well I didn’t actually see her get beat up. I was sitting on my porch and heard the usual screaming, cussing and yelling. Really, from her, nothing out of the usual. Next thing I know, I hear her crying (Which is unusual) and I hear her on the cell phone calling a friend (Or drug dealer, not sure who really) and talking about how she just got up beat up by her dude at the bus stop in front of all the kids. Is it sad that I missed a beating because I am so used to the sound of her screaming profanities and yelling at seven A.M. it was like nothing out of the blue was going on. The rest of the parents at the bus stop where already calling the police on their cell phones at this point; life in Deer Lick, Ca yea.
    I actually saw Red Neck Mom walking the other day by my house with a dorky looking tall guy in a cowboy hat and tattoos and I thought, oh, this must be Redneck Dad!  So I’m just assuming that’s the guy that beat her up.
   It’s really sad that some dead beat, okay, beats his lady for one, but he just did it at the bus stop, in front of all these innocent kids (like little elementary school kids), who are probably going to remember this for a long time to come. What the hell is wrong with people?

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