Pain equals stress.
Pain means worrying about money.
Pain means being bored instead of doing fun things.
Pain means puking or trying not to as every pain killer makes me nauseous.

When my knee or my back hurts every possible option enters my head.
Will I be able to go to work tomorrow?
Will I be able to run that half marathon in a week?
Will I have to cancel plans with friends for this mornings long hike?
Will I have to make a doctors appointment forty five days in advance and live with this constant pain for forty five days until my doctor is available or will I have to try out an alternative solution like a Private label cbd product?

I’ve had severe back and knee pain for twenty hours now with no relief in sight. I work a job where I am on my feet all day. Even last night after being on my feet for eight hours I felt horrible asking to leave half an hour early, even as I had hobbled around clearly in pain all day. A co-worker even suggested that I go to somewhere similar to Synergy Physical Therapy and Wellness to seek help with my knee.

Luckily I have good friends in my life who are happy to help take care of me.

Last night one of my managers offered me a pain killer (Which I had to decline; nice of him to offer, but anything stronger than Alieve makes me violently sick). He has also suggested that I try to get in touch with a chiropractor. Apparently, when he lived in Australia, an adelaide chiropractor was able to ease his back pain relatively quickly.

This morning my good friend promised to drive to CVS and buy me a knee brace (The fancy kind that I used to have before all my belongings were stripped from my car).

Now I’m just trying to focus on icing my knee and pray that I can manage to walk a quarter mile to the creek this afternoon for our relaxing creek day. (Did not happen; I spent the whole day on my couch trying not to puke)