Just another DeerLick Morning

   Today I felt weak.  Did I do a crazy ten mile hike or run? Um, no. Not exactly.
   I had exactly twenty minutes to run this morning. That’s it.
   Should be an easy run, right?
   Except I made the mistake of running up Arrowbear Lake Drive. I’ve walked up this hill before, but didn’t realize how endless of a hill it really is. I went running by myself this morning too. That could be part of the reason of why I exhausted myself. When I go with Alicia I go slower, we get to talking and run pretty slow, which is nice because I can do miles like that. When I run by myself, sometimes I get carried away and run to fast until I feel like I’m about to puke.
   That’s what today was like. I only ran less then two miles but I was pure exhausted coming back, and actually walked the last quarter mile. Also I love, love this cold weather but the cold air was hurting my lungs when I was running.
  God, I sound like such a whiny little bitch… My throat hurts..  Its cold… I want a bacon snack…

  Instead of the bacon snack I craved, breakfast consisted of a toasted whole grain bagel with Munster cheese and avocado. Not bad, but defiantly not pork ful.
   After inhaling my whole grain bagel which, I headed out the door into a foggy Deer Lick morning. Okay, It was an excellent run for being so short, I think I just would have got more out of it if I  had more time. I should have taken some pictures. Arrowbear is actually quite nice at seven  A.M. I don’t think my neighbors get up and start making meth until at least ten. So the air is still clean, crisp, okay fucking cold, and meth free.

   Speaking of meth, two things, number one spell check doesn’t think meth is a word. It is in my neighborhood.
   Two, I saw while driving by Burger King in Hesperia today that Burger King now takes EBT. That is just so messed up for so many reasons.
    I am really so lucky.  Not only did I wake up this morning and not have to enjoy a free government Burger King EBT breakfast, but I ran out my front door and was face to face with a almost frozen mountain lake. I’d use the word Alpine, but any one who has been to Arrowbear knows that would be a flat out lie. Who else got up at dawn this morning and had a chance to run by their local lake, just steps outside her front door?
   After running by surprisingly defrosted Arrowbear Lake, I crossed the highway and took the dirt road that turns into Upper Boulder and took that back down to my neighborhood. Upper Boulder is going to be a great training ground for Mt Baldy. It has to be one of the steepest hills I’ve ever seen. I’ll post a picture next time I run, when I TRY to run up it. Its a challenge to WALK up Upper Boulder, so we will see how that goes.
   The oak trees are still shades of gold and auburn on this cold morning, most people would call miserable, but I just love this weather. It over comes me that this neighborhood could be anywhere in Michigan today as I watch my neighbors clad in flannel hopping into there beat up pick up trucks and heading to minimum wage jobs. Its a really depressing picture of our local economy, trucks on blocks in front yards, trash littered in the dirty snow on a grey skied day.
But at least it doesn’t smell like meth yet. Yea!
And I  haven’t been attacked by a mangy dog ( has happened before) or passed out, so although today was short, I still consider it a win. I mean hell, by the time I get back to my house at 7:30 most of my friends were still asleep and okay lets face it, prob hung over.


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    I have too much to say! I wanna see the pic of Boulder cause I forget what it looks like but rings a bell. And yeah this economy, wow, our poor mtns are falling apart. Going to Goodwins is an experience you won’t soon forget. And EBT at Burger King WTF? I have too much to say about that but since I’m sure you have the same to say, I won’t waste my time. back to the economy, it is really beyond devastating. 3rd world-like. Reminds me of Mexico. Esp. San Berdoo! I guess 40% are ultra poverty which is 11k a yr for a family of 4. How do…I dunno…wow.
    Is the Baldy run like….up Baldy, mtn trails to the peak?

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