I’ve Still Got it!

     Yup, I’ve still got it.
    I may be thirty one. I may have horrible gas most days. I may not have washed my hair in a few days, but to the homeless population of Redlands, this mountain girl?
    Still a prize.
    Yesterday was a beautiful day in the usual smoggy valley below. I usually work nights, but I had a rare day shift. I thought I would enjoy my lunch break and my spinach salad while listening to some Bellamy Brothers in my Subaru with the windows down and the sun streaming through my open windows. My lunch break is usually in the evening, so I don’t get a chance to bask in the early spring sunshine on my lunch break very often.
   This was the plan anyways. As I strolled through the parking lot, I saw no less then three transients asking our customers for money in front of our store. I ignored every one and made a beeline for my car.
    I was then sitting in my car, checking good ‘ol Fox News on my phone and shoveling spinach salad in my mouth when ‘Ol Bubba came up to me and asked me for money.
   I told him he was not allowed to beg for money in this parking lot… and then he proceeded to hit on me for five minutes! Really? I just want to eat my salad in peace. I turned up the Bellamy Brothers in deafening level until he left and finished my delicious salad.
    Even though I have not run in days and have been baking brownies none stop, at least I can still attract Redland’s finest bums, yea.


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    Seriously, with our Depression…oops Obama says recession…there are many many beggars and every time I’m shopping anywhere TJs included, I get asked for money. But hey y’all still done got it darlin, you’s attracting them bums and pappys and the like, yeehaw, Amber May Louise Camaro. Hmm I think that’s a good pappy flirtin name

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