I Voted And I I Feel Like Poo

In honor of election day 2016 I spent the morning hiking and then acting like a lesbian couple having a fight with a good friend.

Tabitha and I parked at the Onyx Summit PCT jump off point in the still chilly early morning hours. It’s always chilly in the fall at almost 8,000 feet. I’m sure the two people in the Jeep who pulled up next to us at the trail head later in the morning thought Tabitha and I were a lesbian couple getting into a brawl this morning after a morning of us yelling

“Thora!” and

“Carly!” At the top of our lungs.

Repeatedly, unfortunately.

Those two names sound pretty granola, right? And it doesn’t help that we climbed out of a dirty Subaru. We are pretty sure they thought we were voting for Hillary anyways.

Of course these are the jokes we made AFTER Thora and Carly were located, and this was after they went chasing after a deer or donkey or something and we relocated these two ding dongs after a morning of thinking they had run off together for good. We spent a great amount of time on the PCT trail this morning somewhere between Mexico and Canada ( Okay actually east of Big Bear) screaming these girls names angrily.


Sometimes they are ass holes.

Speaking of ass hole!

Don’t forget to vote for one today!

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