Happy Mtn Ducks

     Is there anything more peaceful on a overcast day than ducks being ducks?
                                                        Or watching duck fights?

The plan was to do the lake with friends on my day off but it has been rainy and thundering and wonderful for days, so we just relaxed next to the lake instead of in the lake.

                             Luckily for us, baby ducklings are highly amusing creatures.

Tragically, not so amusing, the fact that my camera seems to be dying again. There is some problem with the flash and the brightness. These pictures had some issues lighting wise, so I did the best I could. Damn, looks like I have to go to Best Buy on Monday. Hate Best Buy

Arr! Pirates be patriotic as well!
(You might not really be able to see it, but there is a stars and stripes flag on this pirat ship, not very period.
We chose to relax by the lake, as I destroyed my leg at work the other night and I hurt, I hurt very much. As you can see, I tried to run this morning, I only made it about a mile and a half, my leg hurt to bad.

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