Get off my Road!

     Do people really think I enjoy honking at them for twelve miles straight? Fifteen miles an hour is not a reasonable speed in an area that has a posted speed limit of 55.  That Sammy Hagar song? Yeah, some days I feel like those words were written just for me. I’m sorry but my biceps start to get tired after holding down the horn for twenty minutes straight. I do try to workout; kick boxing, pumping iron and such everyday, but I would rather be doing bicep curls in the comfort of my own home then holding down my horn while furiously flipping off dbags with the other hand. At this point I’m sure my middle finger is way more buff then the rest of my fingers. Really, if the mountain roads, the curves, the fog, and the republican bitches in Subaru’s terrify you, then stay down the hill in the smog where you belong.


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