Amber Exacta

It wouldn’t be the greatest day at work ever if it didn’t end with me writhing in pain in a public place, obviously having just embarrassed myself once again. This is why I should not leave the mountain and go to the city where there are people to stare at me as I publicly humiliate myself.

I was on cloud nine after having an incredible day at work at my new job at Santa Anita Racetrack when I walked full force into a fire hydrant. This was on the streets of Monrovia in front of a bunch of people mind you. (And this is why I hate the city! No one even stopped to ask me if I was okay!)Tumbling back to earth I went, fire seething through my left leg and trying to catch my breath. I briefly wondered even if I had broken a bone some where in my hamstring area; it hurt that bad!

This is what happens when you are Amber Exacta; the new nickname I have coined myself with. After a day at the race track picking up tips from my incredibly smart coworkers I have a new betting strategy and it worked out glorious for me the other day; taking my online wagering account up in cash almost two hundred dollars!

Exacta bets are when you bet on who will finish first and second in a race and you can box those horses so that they can come in any sequence of different ways. After hitting two exactas at the track the other day after all these years of playing the ponies I feel like I have found the key to being a big winner… Betting three horses in my exacta box.

I’ll admit I would never be this good of a horse player if I wasn’t learning so much from my new coworkers every day. I feel like every day I leave work with a little more knowledge than when I walked through the forest green gates of Santa Anita that morning.

If I wasn’t basking in the glow of finally after all these years feeling like I know what I’m doing I probably wouldn’t have walked full force into a fire hydrant last night.

Those damn things come out of nowhere!

I am going to have one hell of a bruise for my vacation that starts today.