A Day on the Trail

Mornings in the eastern sierras like this one are a great stress reliever. When I feel like the realities of life (And living a life where Donald Trump, a reality t.v. star will be president; just putting that into words still feels like science fiction!) are starting to get to me, hiking fifteen miles through a Aspen filled forest seems to clear my head. Than my little doggy chases a deer for fifteen minutes and returns me back to reality and the annoying things we go through and put up with every day ( Like the thought of a reality t.v. star in the White House)
Sitting by an unreal gorgeous mountain lake surrounded by Aspen trees is enough to make me feel at peace. The only sound I can hear is the waterfall in the distance. The only problem on my mind at the moment; is there a trail around the lake that leads to that waterfall? And also why did I not bring my fishing pole as there are some big trout in this lake jumping at ten a.m.

The problems that you face every day in the eastern sierras.

Life is pretty damn good!