A day in Tahoe

     Lake Tahoe is just gorgeous

   I took this picture after snow shoeing all over Van Sickle Park on a bitterly cold Lake Tahoe morning.
    It was about eleven degrees when I woke up.
   The snow from the night before had mostly cleared out and it looked like it would be a gorgeous day for snow shoeing. This would be a great expereince, especially with all the extra snow we had over night. But there are so many other family activities in Lake Tahoe that you can get up to if you ever find yourself stuck for things to do. But for us, we just couldn’t wait to get started with snow shoeing.
    The whole two hours I was out enjoying Lake Tahoe’s winter wonderland, I never saw another person in Van Sickle Park until the very tail end of the hike, when I ran into this nice family from Texas. They thought I was a local, ha. They were seriously obsessed with talking to me.
   It was kind of weird actually.
    Luckily I finally escaped from the Texans and hiked back to the hotel, than enjoyed the steaming jacuzzi on a now 27 degree afternoon.
     Downside of the jacuzzi; it was so freezing out side of the jacuzzi, I did not want to get out!


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