Winter Beach Fog Happiness Coma

I drove over a thousand miles in the last week.
In that time I did manage to run eight miles
And I worked four eight hour shifts
And that is why I had no time to blog.

Between the deserts of Vegas, the craggy snowy peaks of Red Rocks Canyon and the green and lush with springs early flowers Santa Monica Mountains leading to Malibu and Point Mugu State Park there was no time to write.
I visited two beach side state parks within three days of each other.
The sun barely came out in all this time.
We had dreams of watching a glorious San Clemente beach sunset.
It was too foggy.

So we camped in the thick fog and snuggled by the campfire for hours to stay warm.
We had planned to get up before dawn to watch the sunrise steps from our campsite near the Pacific Ocean
At six a.m. it was still foggy.
The sun would not come out.
We went back to bed.
Am I complaining about foggy March days spent on California beaches?
Well really, how can I?
It’s 39 degrees at Aqueduct Race Track in New York today.
Guess I can’t complain.