Black Forest Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cinnamon Toscano Cheese

The most incredible Stuffed Dates Ever

     Ever since I went to this cafe in Laguna  Beach last week called Active Culture, and had dates in my goat cheese and kale salad I have been dreaming about dates.
    I want to put them in  my salads, in my curries and yes I fantasize about wrapping them in bacon.

Black Forest Bacon
Cinnamon Toscano Cheese, cut into small dime size chunks
whole dates, pitted

Cut each pitted date in half. Press a sliver of cheese into the date. Wrap a piece of the delicious black forest bacon around reach date.
Bake the dates at 425 for 8 minutes. Turn the dates with tongs and cook another 10-15 minutes until the bacon is cooked how you like it.
Let the dates sit for ten minutes on paper towels after coming out of the oven.