The Whitest Teeth in Wales

Every where I went in Wales people stared at my teeth. Perhaps it was because of how shiny white they were. Whilst many people have to ask questions like “are crest whitestrips safe for pregnancy“, I didn’t have to so getting my teeth to look great is easier for me. I could just read reviews on products that would give me clean teeth and head to the store. There’s also a massive cultural difference about teeth on this side of the world to consider. In a country where there is no fluoride in the water you really don’t see people with white teeth, except on T.V. I attribute my pearly whites to my regular visits to my Dentist New York.

A few years back on our Wales road trip, we tried not to let this little distraction get in the way of finding castles, castles and more castles. (and maybe a Abby)

Before we could storm the castle and I could smile at the Welsh and confuse them, the roads in Wales had to terrify me. I come from a mountain town and I am completely used toWales curvy mountain roads. Yet when you are sitting where the driver’s seat should be in the car (closest to oncoming traffic) and also driving on (to us Americans) the wrong side of the motorway Wales roads can be a little terrifying.

Driving from castle to castle in Wales meant taking only winding mountain roads.

I tried really hard not to soil myself.

My best friend Mimi had come to visit me in my mountain town so many times over the years and I know my mountain driving with shear drop offs on one side of the highway was known to terrify her. I guess this was my pay back and I totally deserved it. Pure terror on the Welsh highways was completely worth it to stroll the grounds of Raglan Castle though.

The dirt road to Raglan Castle took us past fields of green rolling hills and meadows with cattle grazing next to the dirt road. This was my first castle I had ever experienced in all my times in Europe.Wales

Its official after visiting the quaint town of Raglan I was addicted to castles, I was addicted to super sharp Welsh cheddar cheese and, yes, I was addicted to the green rolling hills of Wales.


  1. Marcy

    I would love to visit Wales someday. I never thought of white teeth as a way to stand out. I love the accents from that region and cheddar, too, but my husband will have to do the driving. No way!

  2. Cyn K

    I loved Wales and wish I had explored more of it. At the time I was there, I had only ever lived in the Midwest, so the rugged terrain was all new and quite lovely to me.

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