vegas 2011

Vegas Vegas Vegas! Staying in Vegas at MGM Signature Suites for two nights and the best part… The Vegas vacation will continue at the end of the month when I come back with my best friend!

Staying at the MGM Signature for the first time is so awesome! This hotel is mostly timeshares and condos but they rent them out to the general public. The MGM is a really nice hotel and I’ve stayed there multiple times, but there rooms are a little small, well you know average hotel size I guess. MGM is a nice property to stay at because they have a huge pool complex with a lazy river and inner tube rentals, plus they have a ton of nice restaurants.
The MGM Signature is an all suite property with three towers. Its main gate is on Harmon right off of the strip. Since the property is NEXT to MGM it is a little bit of a walk to get to MGM and the strip but there are moving sidewalks and its all inside so it goes pretty quick. Its similar to the walk from Palm’s Place to the actual Palm’s Hotel.
We have a suite with a balcony overlooking one of the three pools and I love it! I wonder if there is a scientific name for some one like me who hates to be trapped inside away from natural sunlight? I just need vitamin D all the time to be happy! This room is perfect for that, as I can just sit out on the balcony and write or read or just sip coffee. There is music from the pool (Good music actually, Cee Lo Green, Lady Gaga, and Adele) the noise of the monorail and the occasional jet going by from the airport, but really this balcony is just as loud as the traffic going by my porch at home overlooking the highway. And at home I don’t have the option of walking down to the pool, literally one minute outside my door.
That’s the other thing I’m loving about this hotel; awesome pool time! MGM Signature has three private pools for hotel guests, and you can also use the whole MGM Grand pool complex. All of the MGM Signature’s pools are practically deserted! When we checked in yesterday I went right to the pool at about 3:30 and there were about six other people by the pool, nice! What other hotel in Vegas is like this? I love staying in a similar big suite at Planet Hollywood Towers, but there pool is so crammed! You can never find a few chairs near each other, if you have a bunch of friends who want to go to the pool together. Whats great about the Signature also is they let you bring in your own drinks as long as there is no glass. I love that. I’d rather make Margarita’s in my room, bring them down, then pay ten dollars for every margarita.
My perfect day in Las Vegas; eating brunch at the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, complete with free Bloody Mary, and I ate three different kinds of goat cheese for the low, low price of $22 for this buffet. Plus I enjoyed lamb and pork meatballs with Greek yogurt and feta. This was no joke the only meatball I’ve ever had in my life that I enjoyed. Plus three different little salads with goat cheese or feta, eggs Benedict, some Delicious random pork product and Pork Al Pastor Tacos, it was a great brunch. Did I mention three different kinds of goat cheese? So after I stuffed myself full of goat products at the buffet, I picked up a free racing form from the Cosmopolitan Sports Book, then I walked all the way back to the Signature (This is the one down side of the Signature, longer walk to center strip) and headed out to the pool with a good book and free racing form for the rest of the afternoon. It was a really hot day! It had to be over 90, which makes me want to live in the pool. I already asked for the next trip, no I can not bring my inner tubes. Only infants are allowed to use flotation devices in this pool. The life guard gave me a weird look for asking, also. After the pool we went to BLUE, my favorite fish restaurant in Las Vegas. They have these fresh anchovies that are just unbelievable. They don’t taste like salty anchovies. These ones are brined and vinegary and lemony, just amazing. They have some great fired octopus appetizer on happy hour that I was dying to try. Vegas is known for it’s buzzing nightlife so we had to get involved with some activities after we had eaten dinner! Luckily, before coming on the trip I had practiced my casino skills on websites like so I was really well prepared. Everyone knows that Vegas is famous for its casinos and we had a great night. I much prefer playing online, especially with access to sites like for bonus tips, but it was nice to meet some new people whilst we were playing! I even won some money too!
All and all with free racing forms, lots of deserted pool time (Made me feel like I was at a spa, not a popular Las Vegas hotel!)and delicious buffets, this Vegas vacation was super relaxing! Can’t wait to return in a month!


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    The need for natural sunlight/vitamin d has a name…jewish blood cause Mike’s the same way. I joke that in his dreams he’d be in paLM springs, sunning himself on the patio with those silver 1950s suntan things, getting his “olive on” (you know, the nice olive tan) with out cat schmoo next to him, silver thing included, basking in the sun.

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