V is for Venison

Mt Baldy

It’s 10 a.m. and I almost summited the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, and frankly, the highest mountain peak that looks out over the city of angels. (Los Angeles) And I did it the hard way. Mt BaldyMt Baldy’s Ski Lift Trail literally climbs straight up the mountain underneath the rickety ole chairlift that takes skiers to the lodge about half way to Mt Baldy’s summit. I had never actually hiked this route before but saw two high school age kids doing it a few weeks ago and thought well if they can do it, I’m sure as hell going to try! They told me they made it to the lodge in 40 minutes and I’m so damn proud of myself to say I made it to the lodge in forty-five minutes and it was way easier then I anticipated!  I think this is because I have been doing some pretty hard hikes in Big Bear Lake, where we live throughout the winter, trying to stay in shape for when we summit Mt Whitney in less than six months.

This hike early in the a.m. was not easy in the least bit. I literally hiked straight up for an hour and a half. Pretty pathetic slow, but I did over 2,600 feet altitude gain in a four miles hike and that is just some crazy altitude gain. If I had an extra forty-five minutes, I probably could have summited this morning, and still made it to work on time, but I got a late start and did not start my hike until way after day break at 7a.m. Next time I fully expect to make it to the summit at 10,064 feet via the ski lift trail. This is a fantastic training hike for the twenty-two mile Mt Whitney Trail with over 6,145 feet altitude gain.My Baldy

This morning, even though I didn’t summit; V is for victory

Mt Baldy

Or is it Venison?

The Hungry Mountaineer can’t remember… Maybe because she needs a snack and second breakfast awaits 10,000 feet down below in the valley at sea level?

One last thing about my Mt Baldy hike this a.m. I actually really regret taking the ski lift down the mountain and paying fifteen dollars to be terrified for nineteen minutes. A note about The Hungry Mountaineer… She is terrified of ski lifts! This rickety old ski lift is so damn slow, I could have hiked way faster then this! And not felt like I would poop myself in terror for nineteen minutes!


  1. Asta

    It”s not winter if it”s before the Winter Solstice. That would like saying you summited, when you just got close to the summit. “I could see the summit yea, sure, here”s your trophy.

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