How I found Zen and Ignored Technology at the Korean Day Spa

We live in a world where we can never quite escape from social media and technology. Thank God for the hidden zen I can find at the naked Korean day spa. On a typical Monday morning, you are driving to work on a crowded congested Los Angeles freeway listening to Spotify. You have already seen two missed email alerts from your boss and it’s not even 8 a.m. yet. Or your kids are playing Game of Warlords (Or whatever violent video game kids these days play) while Taylor Swift blares her latest not at all country love song from your sound system “Alexis, play me some modern country music that I can actually stand” while you scan Pinterest for a new healthy recipe. It has to be gluten-free and doesn’t have broccoli, spinach or whatever healthy high fiber veggie your kids refuse to eat this week.

This is life in 2018; Technology is everywhere and it’s getting more overbearing and oppressive every day. Sure I love having advanced technology like Bluetooth in my car. It’s fantastic to be able to ask Siri to find me a Whole Foods while I’m somewhere between Santa Monica and Pasadena in the concrete jungle, Los Angeles but sometimes I feel like I just need a break from my iPhone and smart T.V. What happened to back in the day when families would sit around the dinner table and converse? What happened to friends going out to restaurants without everyone being on their phones? I love my iPhone for boredom purposes when I’m waiting in line at the post office or the grocery store but we live in a time when technology is something we can’t escape from, well hardly ever. And that is why I choose to escape to the naked Korean day spa.

But let me tell you how I unwind from technology.

Sometimes I just need a break from the virtual world that surrounds modern-day life in 2018. I need to not check my email for a few hours. And that’s why I love going to the spa. Because at the naked Korean day spa they will yell at you if you whip out your iPhone to even check the time. There is an old school clock on the wall, bitch! Read it! Or at least that is what I am assuming the bossy petite Korean lady yelled at me the first time I tried to check my email at my favorite naked Korean day spa.stock photo, travel, architecture, blue, luxury, vacation, pool, home, pampering, interior-design, jacuzzi, spa

I love going to the spa by myself and just sitting quietly with my thoughts for two or three hours. In this day and age, it’s about the only break I can get from technology. Nothing makes me feel better than a sweaty morning workout, followed by a few hours soaking in the sauna and sweating out all the beer and cheese I consumed this week. The multiple steam rooms at Imperial Day Spa, my spa of choice located in Orange County or Las Vegas, help me recenter and find my zen. If you whip out your iPhone at the naked Korean Day spa you will get yelled at in Korean and I’m not sure the angry words being yelled at you will not be very nice.

Why is a morning at the Korean day spa so refreshing for my body and spirit?

Well, let’s start with the jacuzzi. Starting your day with a communal lady soup bath is a truly refreshing way to start any morning. The hot healing jets of the jacuzzi get my workout sore muscles to unwind before I get ready to sweat, sweat, sweat in one of the multiple steam rooms.  Honestly, I find it easier to relax and meditate at the naked Korean day spa because if there are other ladies around me having conversations, I can usually tune out the loud talking when it’s in another language I can’t decipher.

When I breathe in the hot steam from the salt sauna I can feel all my pores opening and my sinuses feel refreshed. (Especially this week when my allergies are completely out of control thanks to mountain biking through a forest of pine pollen most days) I try to sit in the multiple saunas as long as my body can take it before jumping in the freezing cold pools outside the sauna. This really wakes me up and that freezing cold water is great for your body to strengthen immunity and improve your circulation. The freezing cold water closes up your pores, making your skin look healthier. adult, beautiful, beauty

I usually drink about a gallon of water while at the spa, in between sweating and sweating and sweating some more. This helps to cleanse out my system to start the new day. Why do I spend two or three hours at the spa every time? Well, besides running to the bathroom every thirty minutes because I drink a gallon of water, in between all that sweating, I also try to visit the red clay room to help detoxify (and the infrared rays help the bodies cells to remain active and can lead to better sleep quality, help with body aches and anxiety.) I always try to spend some time in the jade room, where the infrared rays naturally release magnesium, and calcium and your body can be more alkaline.

After I leave the spa I always feel like I just had an amazing sleep or a shit ton of espresso. It’s such a relaxing way to stay my day. And then I sit in traffic for an hour and have to take a whiff of Panic Button essential oil every five minutes. A good friend of mine recommended keeping essential oils in my car for when traffic starts to bug the shit out of me. This right here is an amazing zen idea! I don’t drive without essential oils now.

Are you ready to unwind from technology, put down your Ipad and have a spa morning? Or maybe relax poolside with some detox tea? Need a good book for a relaxing morning by the pool? On the subject of Korea, if you are looking for your next book you can simply not put it down you have to check out this one, about a Korean defector. This book will seriously blow your mind. A morning at the Korean day spa is simply the best way to have a few free digital hours in this crazy technology-obsessed world of ours.


  1. HoHo Runs

    You are making me want to book a spa appointment! I have indulged in a while and we have an excellent, quiet, relaxing one here. Thanks for linking.

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