Those Damn Drunk Fish

     “The worst day of fishing is better than the best day of working”

     This is a very well known quote from those who fish.
    We have all been there; You have your pole, your bait and your beer. There is no full moon in sight and it is on fishies!
     And than you get skunked.
     The other day this quote rang true.
     I went to Seven Oaks with some friends for some afternoon fishing, beer drinking and good times.
     Unfortunately as soon as I cast out into the clear creek waters I noticed something was so very wrong…
     My rod was missing an important part of the reel… The part you reel the fish in with!

     I was more than a bit frustrated as I realized the only way I would be catching any fish today would be by hand.
    So I had a beer.
    Meanwhile my friends who all had fishing poles with no missing parts were having no luck with the fishing or the important part, the catching, what so ever.
    When we realized that the fish were not biting we decided to abandon the whole fishing idea.
     I am such a slow drinker so I poured out half of my one beer before I left.
     My friends commented that I should pour my beer into the water and try to get the fish drunk. ( And than they would be drunk enough to get the munchies and want to eat some power bait?)
      Because we all make bad decisions when we are drunk, right?


  1. notapunkrocker

    LOL. There was an episode of “King of the Hill” where through a series of situations the guys found out the fish would take crack cocaine as bait. Same concept, I suppose.

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