The best, and easiest Grilled Trout Ever

   Last week I spent a evening casting my line into an alpine lake just a half mile lake from our camp ground.
  It was a early June evening and even though we were camping in the highest of the high Sierras the temperature was still in the sixties right before sun set.
   Our friends had driven from as far away from as the Napa Valley so we could meet up for our back packing adventures in the coming days.
   It would begin with an epic night of fishing.
   Not for me though, as it would seem that the native trout of the high Sierras are a lot smarter and hungrier than I am.
   I was casting off with night crawlers and my little creek fishing pole.
   The tiny lake we had walked to with a nice Shiraz in our camp mugs was all ours.
   The four of us were the only people in sight and it was such a quiet perfect evening in the Sierras.
   Except for one thing.
   I could not catch a fish.
   This little lake was awesome because the water was so clear you could see all the little trout dancing about in the clear waters.
   Yet, I myself could not catch one to save my life.
   One after another the trout would bite my worm, I would yank up on my pole (Why does fishing sound so dirty?) and than the fish would be gone, with a tasty treat.
   I would be stuck standing there with my empty rod in my hand. (I swear I’m not really trying to be dirty, it’s just part of fishing)
   Thankfully my friends caught tons of little delicious trout and we would feast that night!
   Well we did also have cheddar hot dogs and venison meatloaf back at camp, so we really would not have starved.
   I had picked up some garlic butter to make garlic bread over the camp fire and decided we should smother the trout in garlic butter and lemon.
   I know, such a simple recipe, but the best grilled trout I have had in years.

This week’s theme is the best food for camping.Summer is a great time to spend camping and back packing in the wilderness. Camping and backpacking especially means keeping prep work and clean up to a bare minimum. This week, Here are some of my favorite recipes that are so easy to do over a campfire.

The Best Grilled Trout
    With garlic Butter and Lemon

3 trout fillets
1/4 cup garlic butter
1 lemon
1 camp fire

Spread the butter all over the inside of the trout. Put the trout on the foil, squeeze lemon over the top and wrap in foil.
Bake over the coals of the camp fire for fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the size of the fillets


  1. Ursula Andromeda

    Excellent! I won’t be camping anytime soon (my version of camping involves a cabin) and sadly, I won’t be fishing either. But I can buy some trout and utilize the trusty oven and have it nearly as good because I’m a legend in my own mind!

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