The Sport of Kings, At Last

This moment captured it best; the moment in time when I stood out at my job. As these two fine young gentlemen in seersucker suits cheered home another winner a giant smile was plastered on my face. Because I love my job.

I worked for a company that beat me down for fifteen years. I was sexually harassed; I had managers pull my hair and make inappropriate jokes and I shrugged it off because I was making a lot of money.

I listened to coworkers tell disgusting homophobic jokes constantly and knew that there was no point in complaining because I was THE ONLY one offended.(Yes, obviously I worked with individuals who had no morals or family values what so ever.)

I watched coworkers send inappropriate pictures of their genitals to other coworkers and I was let go and they were treated like kings.

Yeah, that was my life for fifteen years. Not to mention the coworkers using our work place to sell drugs. And the ones getting high in the parking lot while they were supposed to be working.

As a conservative I may sound a little high and mighty but I have the right.

My parents raised me to have morals in a world where there are none, and taught me the distance between right and wrong, a concept that seems hard for a lot of people to grasp.

Now at last I have a job I love with all my heart and I feel like I’m making a difference in the sport I love.

I am embracing the sport I love and sharing my love of the game with other fans. I never dreamt that one day I would have a job in the horse racing world. It is very true that hard work and determination pays off in this world.