How to have a Good Time in a Small Town

It was after dinner and I was working on masking the left side of the house, part of my week long painting project. We were getting ready to watch one of our T.V. shows and honestly go to bed soon after a depressing day of horse racing where we watched the best horse in the world disappoint big time.

And then our friends called to say they had free tickets to the Colin Hay concert. If only we could arrange a miracle; I mean find an Uber in a small mountain resort town. Well Arrogate did not win today at 1-20 odds but somehow we found the only Uber on the mountain and we were on our way to The Cave with plenty of time before the show.

We were just at The Cave, our local music venue the week before to see the Big Bad Voo Doo Daddies, or the Big Bad Voo Doo Dolls as we call them after a few Clinton’s. ( That would be a vodka tonic with bitters served to you by a waitress named Hillary who doesn’t think it’s funny) Last week at The Cave was nothing but drama as our friend who was the DD changed her mind on driving us home because “She didn’t like driving drunk people” and kicked us out of her car, allowing us to walk five miles home. But hours before that my boyfriend tried to sweet talk everyone who worked at The Cave into hooking us up with a table to no avail. One week later we discoovered the trick to getting a table at The Cave.

We were standing outside of The Cave waiting for our friends when all of a sudden my shirt was soaking wet.

Yeah, the show hadn’t even started yet and a drunk guy got kicked out and threw a drink at me as we waited outside the club.

I was fucking pissed and ready to kick this old man’s ass.

But luckily the security guards felt really bad for me and offered us a VIP table, pretty much the best table in the house. Get a drunk guy to throw a drink on you before you even get inside the club to get all the locak perks!

Now that is how you have a good time in a small town.

Also have your friend drive you home in their awesome off road Polaris RZR. Now this is what life in a mountain town is all about!