Nothing but Brothels and Donkeys

     We were flying through the vast Nevada desert Listening to the boss Bruce Springsteen blast through the cars speakers.

Out here in Northern Nevada there was absolutely nothing to see for hours but but whore houses and donkeys.
     Where else in the United States can you say that?
Northern Nevada is a bleak and unique place.
Seriously there were real brothels every  couple miles.
     As we sped closer to the Eastern Sierras there were just brothels and open range cattle grazing along the empty highway.
We drove past a giant rattlesnake just chilling on deserted mountain highway soaking up sunshine. 
     On a hundred mile drive through a ancient bristle cone forest on the edge of the Sierras we passed one other car the whole time!
     This area of Nevada is vast, it’s lonely and it’s so fucking scenic.
     I couldn’t imagine living here among the cows, the wild burros and the whores of Northern Nevada.
     For most of us, if we want a whore we just chat to Ashley Emma naked on webcam. These Nevada fellas are spoilt for choice! I mean the nearest Whole Foods is more than two hundred miles away!