Moldy American Adventures in Munich

I had to be the smelliest person in Munich. Okay, actually of the ten people in our group, I’m not sure which one of us was actually the smelliest but we all did not smell great. In 2007 we spent five days camping in Munich for Oktoberfest. It was an absolutely amazing beer-soaked and brat and mold filled vacation.

It was just a little damp and smelly, that’s all. We spent five days camping in what was pretty much a swamp. Oktoberfest in Munich is usually gorgeous Indian summer weather and people camp all the time. The flyer I saw for our camping area before our trip showed a tanned nineteen-year-old hippie girl sitting on a picnic table in the sun in a tank top and shorts. I figured that would be me, but I would have a stein of beer in one hand and a mustard basted brat in the other.

Instead, I found myself wearing damp if not soaking wet clothes for five days straight, sleeping in a moldy sleeping bag almost crying myself to sleep I was so wet, cold and shivering each night. I mean that is if I had slept at all for those five days. Right outside our tent was a beer tent and it never got quiet, ever. Even when the beer tent shut down at three a.m. we still had drunk people falling on our tent all night, trying to come into our tent (lost and drunk and confused) I had brought a sleep mask from the plane and earplugs, but even with my terrible hearing, I still never slept. It’s hard to get to sleep when you are soaking wet and shivering.

I make it sound like Germany was a terrible place. Aside from the sleeping situation, we had a fantastic time in Germany. Munich I couldn’t recommend more, with plenty of activities to get up to that you can click here to find out about if you’re planning a trip (why wouldn’t you!). I tried to fatten myself up on delicious filling German foods (so I would not be so cold?) or maybe just because German food is completely amazing! I am not a fan of meat and potatoes and did not expect to like German food. I found out that German food is beyond incredible! From my first curry wurst I was hooked. I love mustard and anything you can put mustard on so obviously I ate a lot of brats.

“Ein Kaffe Bitte”

I found myself saying at least twice a day. I was exhausted from not sleeping at all but also the coffee in Germany was incredible! We went to the same café every day for breakfast in Marienplatz. Besides the coffee being great the orange juice was just phenomenal! I still to this day have never, ever had orange juice that tasted that fresh in my life.

On the third day the sun came out and it was magical sitting in the sunshine in a beer garden drinking a Paulenar. (Even if to get to the Paulenar tent I had to wander the streets of Munich feeling like a dirty homeless person. Bier helped me feel much better!
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