Mary’s Gingerita Sorbet

    Every one needs a friend like Mary.

This is not poison oak. Probably
    I thought that I was the nature guide.
    Than I met Mary.
    And she showed me what poison oak really looks like.
    Well, that explains why I get poison oak so often.
   To be fair there are so many different varieties of this horrible miserable little three leafed plant.
     Hiking with Mary is awesome. She knows all the edible plants like fir tree leaves ( Taste like tangerines!) and can name all the different flowers in the forest.
     She also has the best recipe ideas ever.
     And makes a damn good cocktail.
    This is her version of sorbet.
     Or margaritas.
     Call it dessert.
     Call it a cocktail.
     Call it pure heaven on a hot summer night!
Mary’s Gingerita Sorbet
4 shots Patron Orange

4 cups fresh limeade
4 tab fresh ginger juice
1 cup contruea Liquor

Combine all in a ice cream maker until slushie and sorbet like. Enjoy with a spoon on a porch swing on a hot summers night.


  1. Marla

    Hi Amber,
    Poison ivy is sometimes hard to spot because there is so many different plants that look very similar to it. Your recipe for the Gingerita Sorbet sounds very refreshing. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

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