15 Reasons why I Run

Nothing makes me more happy than a day powering up trails, running through creeks and climbing up boulders. This week has been an amazing week of spring time showers and even some showy blizzards. Why do I run? There are so many  great reasons!

  1. I run because I love to get caught in terrible snow storms like this one.

Yes, this was late April and yes that is a mini blizzard I was running through. It was awesome.

2. I love to run and sweat until I feel like I will pass out nd I probably smell as bad as the PCT thru hikers that swamp our little trail towns at this time of year. I may not be hiking Mexico to Canada (This year!) but that dosnt mean I can’t look like I’m capable of it.

3. I run because I love to witness sunsets like this in our gorgous mountain towns.

4. Because this little mutt needs to get exhausted.

Because I miss when my legs looked like this

6. Because I like to drink these.

7.And eat this

8. And these

yup, those will be vacon wrapped jalapeno poppers



9. And because I Heart the cheese isle at Whole Foods.

10. Because I really do enjoy working out for two or three hours a day. I know that makes me sound like a crazy person but I remember mot having time in my crazy busy life for these kind of workouts.


  1. Shathiso

    Well, I would say those are all brilliant reasons!! I’m such a new runner but what I love already is seeing what my body can do. Just when I think I can’t do something, my body proves me wrong. Plus I love all the goodies I get to eat afterwards guilt-free! LOL!

  2. HoHo Runs

    I always say I’m addicted to sweat and I’m solar powered. Exercise and the great outdoors — there is nothing better! I love your sunset picture. I just returned from the Rockies and am already ready for another trip. Thanks for linking with us on the Weekly Wrap!

    1. Post

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