Marcona Almonds; perfect trail snack

     Even though my legs and butt are killing me from working out two days ago, I still managed to run nine miles today.

How did I manage to pull my exhausted legs up and down nine miles worth of hills, over 2,400 feet of altitude gain?
Marcona almonds.
     These delicious almonds are such a perfect trail snack.
     They are soaked in sunflower oil and rolled in sea salt. The ones I buy at Trader Joe’s also have wisps of rosemary pieces.
     They are coated in oil and rolled in salt!
     Normally I would not eat something like that but damn it they are delicious and if you are going to eat something high in mono saturated  fats than during a ass kicking run is the time to do it.
      Seriously pick some of these up for your next trail snack.
     You can thank me later.