How not to get Airlifted Out of a Slot Canyon

I’m sure if you asked anyone in our family who had the biggest chance of ending up on the news or having to be airlifted/rescued out of a dangerous canyon at night they would say it would me.

You don’t spend your days hiking to the tallest peaks in southern California and tumbling down some of the highest mountains in the south-land, rolling your ankle on multiple mountain trails, and yes sometimes slicing your knee open to the bone (And hiking out three miles still) without getting some what of a reputation.

So I was a little shocked today when my brother told me he had been airlifted out of Palm Spring’s Painted Canyon last night with his gothic chic in-laws.

Okay, I’m just going to say it.

Maybe you should not take men with mohawks and kilts with stiletto shoes hiking? I think this was the first thing they did wrong on that fateful April evening. Also, don’t go hiking in the late evening with people in kilts and stiletto shoes? I actually think my brothers in laws are really nice people but I would never call them hikers.

And I would never invite them to go on a hike in the desert at five p.m. in the evening.

If you are a hiker and you want to get out into the great outdoors here are just a few tips on how to not be that individual who was airlifted out of a slot canyon.

Bring more than enough water

If you want your hike into the wilderness to be successful and not be like my brother and his family and have to be airlifted out of a precarious situation at nine p.m. at night than for sure pack enough water for the situation you are hiking into. Research your hike in advance, know how hard it is and how hot it will be. Bring more than enough water for your hike and leave some in the car for when you return. If hiking in a very hot area salty snacks or electrolyte candies are a great idea too. My favorite are these Cliff Bar black cherry chews. They even have a little bit of caffeine! The tropical flavor is great too.

An adult needs a ton of water to even hike in these extreme conditions. An adult man sweats 1.5 quarts of water hiking in 105 degree heat for an hour. If you don’t get Enough water in your system while hiking in extreme temperatures for vast amounts of time your organs can literally shut down. I have a friend who had kidney failure while competing in an Iron Man because of this. It happens.

Leave the pooch at home (For certain hikes)airlifted

I love hikes with my pup but hiking through the desert is hard enough for me and I only have two legs! Our furry friends are not wearing shoes on their fours legs (Normally although you can buy doggy hiking booties online) and their paw pads can get hot and burn in hot sand.

Also there are the snakes.

Even on lease there is a good chance of running into a rattle snake while hiking in the desert. Besides snakes and burns if hiking with the pooch in the desert you also have to remember that you would have to not just carry your water but enough for your furry friend as well

Be prepared for the outdoors

Thunder storms moving in? Don’t climb to the top of that mountain! Chance of flash floods? Don’t hike through a wash! Researching the weather in the area you will be hiking before hand is always a great idea and a great way to not be that person on the news.

Never start a hike to late in the day that you will not have time to finish. Always give yourself more than enough time for the hike you may be attempting or chance having to pay for a hefty airlift out of the wilderness! They are not cheap; depending on the county they can run into the thousands of dollars range!

Get some help

You don’t have to hike all by yourself and your friends, thinking your experts. Banish your pride and get a tour for slot canyons. This can actually really benefit your experience, and you can get the most out of the trip by potentially being shown parts of the slot canyon you wouldn’t have used yourself. Take a look at dreamland peekaboo canyon tours to get a feel of what the tour experience is like.

The best way to not get airlifted out of a slot canyon or a mountain top or out of the wilderness in general is just don’t be a dumb dumb. Use your brain when planning a hike and actually wandering through the forests and the great outdoors. Follow these helpful tips and hopefully you will not end up on the news any time soon!

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  1. HoHo Runs

    Your brother’s in-laws certainly don’t sound like the hiking type! It is odd they wanted to go in the first place. These are great tips. I don’t get the opportunity to hike often where I live but will be in Utah soon and plan to do a little hiking there. I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks for linking, Amber!

  2. Tisha

    I love El;3i&#e9ls Squash Mac & Cheese! It's so good … and the hubby's don't even know there's squash inside! Hee hee!!Have a great day, girl!

  3. April J Harris

    This is very good advice indeed! And I agree, perhaps it’s best your brother in laws don’t go hiking at all!! Thank you so much for sharing this post with us at Hearth and Soul. Hope to ‘see’ you again this week!

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